Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching up

I have a couple outfit that I failed to post since the computer crash. Luckily it wasn't a crash, just a dislodged video card that my IT dept was able to fix in a jiffy!

I wore this out to a friend's birthday dinner on Monday night.06.21.10top: J. Crew, remix'd
skirt: CK Bradley, borrowed from my sis
shoes: Enzo, remix'd
earrings: Francesca's, remix'd

In the April Anthropologie catalog was the cutest yellow polka dotted skirt by Leifsdottier, called the coming and going skirt. I love the ruffle details on it as well. I didn't love the $198 price tag. When I discovered this pink skirt in my sister's closet, I knew I found a great substitute. And best of all, it was free! {Let me know when you want it back ;)}

On Tuesday I actually wore a few new items to work.06.22.10shirt: NY&Co
tank: Gap, remix'd
pants: Gap, remix'd
shoes: Aldo
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: Loft, remix'd
belt: Gap

I know I said I wasn't shopping anymore, but with the hubs out of town, I was a bit bored. Gap was having an extra 25% off all sale items, so I picked up 4 belts all for under $10 each! And the cute button down was on sale for $12 so I got 3 different colors (I figured they would be worn quite a bit for work and would be a good light layering piece for the summer). The shoes were puchased a few weeks ago and I love them. I guess I should wear a skirt to show off the wedge/bootie aspect.

We'll see if I can get it together this morning to post a current OOTD...but I'm not making any promises :)


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Love that pink dot skirt! It fits you really well and its got a fun frill at the hem!

Megan said...

The pink skirt is great~ The ruffles make it unique. I love the necklace peeking out in the second outfit.

Tingaling said...

Cute pink skirt!!! I haven't worn it in forever, so I probably don't need it back any time soon!

Thanks again for Baby J's ensembles from Baby Gap!