Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing hookey, part deux

What are the odds that I would be called for jury duty twice in one year?!? The last time I was called was to the municipal court which apparently doesn't make you exempt from being summoned from the county court. So I went for my service, which consisted of sitting in the jury assembly hall from 8-11AM until they let us go. Sometimes I almost wish my number would be picked so I could see how the process actually works, but I also don't mind having the rest of the afternoon off!

This is what I wore.07.13.10all items remix'd except belt
top+tank: Old Navy
pants+belt: Gap
shoes: Also
shades: Dsquared
bag: Tory Burch (I have had this tote for 2-3 years and have used it a lot, but this is its first appearance in a remix photo!)

2010 07 13 photoI started the day off right with a healthy and delicious breakfast prepared by my own personal chef, a.k.a. the hubs. Don't you love the heart shaped eggs?

Downtown H-townDowntown H-townWhile I was waiting for the bus to take me home (the hubs was unavailable to chauffer me back although he was kind enough to drop me off!), I took some snaps of downtown. We used to hang out here a lot back in the day (probably almost 10 years ago!) but don't anymore. The light rail construction kind of put a damper on the businesses down here and by the time it was completed everyone found someplace else to go!


roller coaster teacher said...

WOW! What nifty device did your husband use to create the heart eggs? I'd love to get one! Your downtown looks nice, too bad it's not busy, kind of like our (Buffalo, NY) downtown in the evenings and weekends.

LyddieGal said...

Nothing wrong with a beautiful afternoon off!
I love your look and your heart shaped eggs!

Lady Cardigan said...

Houston looks like a pretty place. And what a great breakfast...