Sunday, August 15, 2010

15...halfway with a recap

30 for 30 Banner

21 + 24
shades: Dsquared
earrings: gift'd
bag: LV

I know I wore this dress 2 weeks ago and I know I haven't changed it up all that much, but I was really too hot to do anything about it.

I am halfway through the challenge and getting a bit nervous about making things look new. Fortunately I haven't worn all 30 items yet so that should save me for a couple days!

Here's a recap of the first 15:1-5 recap6-10 recap11-15 recap

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and here's to a great (and hopefully cooler but I'm not holding my breath) week!


LaToya said...

Super cute outfits! I love your haircut btw!!

Stylestance said...

I think you're doing great with this challenge. That dress is one of my faves so far :)

Megan Mae said...

The dress looks perfect for these southern hot days! Congrats on halfway, you can do it!

Melissa said...

I loved that dress before and I love it now! It looks amazing on you whether you change it up or not.

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love recap posts like this. You've done a great job at remixing, it doesn't seem like youre only working with 30 items.

On an side note have you ever paired the pink top from day 12 & the skirt from day 10? It seems like they'd go together, depending on if my screen is showing the colors the same as IRL