Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday, by the hour

Yesterday was a rare Saturday off from work where we had nothing specific planned and were not going out of town, so I thought I would take some inspiration from Ena and photograph my everyday life by the hour.

6AM091810 6AM 1
good morning sunshine!
091810 6AM 2
grabbing a cup of joe for Joe before our morning run

7AM091810 7AM
I ran 4.5 miles from the park back home

8AM091810 8AM
Drinking a cup of coffee and catching up on blogs

9AM091810 9AM
Yoga practice

11AM091810 11AM

Noon091810 NOON

1 PM091810 1PM
Going to TJ Maxx for a little should be proud, I didn't buy anything!

3 PM091810 3PM
Photoshopping some photos

4 PM091810 4PM
Cleaning the madness a.k.a. my closet

5 PM091810 5PM
Ominous clouds are hard to capture on a little camera

6 PM091810 6PM 1091810 6PM 2091810 6PM 3Having an early dinner at Madras Pavilion. I had a yummy dosai.

7PM 091810 7PM
Dessert at Empire!

Of course I documented what I wore...more to come later!


LyddieGal said...

This is so fun!
A trip to tjs and comming home empty handed, is that even possible? Haha.

Your closet doesn't look that bad, you've got all those storage bins and organizational stuff, you just need a few more square feet ;)

Cosmic said...

eek! that dosa's HUGE!

Did you manage to eat all that?!


Melissa said...

What a fun post! Looks like a great day too!

Ena said...

Lovely to see your everyday life in pictures! I feel like going to an Indian restaurant after seeing that big dosai!