Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shorter days

...are the only evidence of the change of seasons here in Houston (thus, making snapping remix photos that much more difficult!)
top: J. Crew, remix'd
skirt: Loft, remix'd
shoes: Taryn Rose via DSW
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
belt: Calvin Klein, remix'd

I am finally wearing my new shoes from Monday. I have this thing about new items...I am loathe to wear them because they are so new and shiny. That's why the usually sit in my closet before their big debut. Is that weird?

berry tank 01
As you might have guessed, this top is a favorite of mine. Light and comfortable? Check! Ruffles? Check! Pink? Double check!

Today is another working weekend for! Hope yours is a better one!


Melissa said...

Oh you look stunning! I love the top untucked and belted loosely like that. So gorgeous!

Hope you have a great weekend despite having to work! :(

Megan Mae said...

Lovely! The new pumps are gorgeous. Are they comfy?

Matt said...

Super cute outfit! And those new shoes look awesome! I love the colors and the ruffles! I hope your weekend is good in spite of the work! :)

shybiker said...

Gorgeous top! And I see from past posts that you have really good taste in blouses. Nice work!

Kelly said...

I like all the ways you've remixed this top! I have the exact same shirt and haven't worn it in a while. I just might have to borrow some styling inspiration from you!

Lady Cardigan said...

Eek, you look stylish and lovely as always. I don't know if it's weird to be reluctant to wear new things, but I do it too... I haven't yet worn either of my two most-recently purchased tops. I have to get over that!