Friday, October 08, 2010


all items remix'd
jacket: Loft
shirt: Jovovich-Hawk for Target
pants: Gap
shoes: J. Crew
earrings: gift'd
ankle socks: J. Crew (new)

I have discovered that when I think "I have nothing to wear" when peering into my overstuffed closet, what I really mean is "I am bored with what I have."

I really had a hard time deciding what to wear this morning. Fridays tend to be busier so I want to be comfortable. I also want to wear flatter shoes because I practice yoga in the evening and really high heels tighten my hamstrings too much. AND I wanted to wear something with pink in it.

All those restrictions made me feel like I had limited choices and that I "needed new pants/shoes/more pink" etc. I finally settled on what I have on now. I feel only ok about it, but I guess not every look has to be a winner. My favorite part about what I am wearing? My new ankle socks :)

Venting is over. Deep breaths now.

cream floral shirt 01
I bought this top 2-3 years ago. Still like it, even when I am bored with my closet.

pink challenge


Megan Mae said...

I love your shoe and sock combo! It gives flair to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Rebecca said...

I love the shoes and socks combo.