Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, by the hour(ish)

Yesterday was another rare day off (mostly) from work.

6:30 AM
102310 06AM
H-town looks pretty cool in the sunrise.

7:00 AM
102310 07AM
Finishing our early morning run.

8:00 AM
102310 08AM
Breakfast by the hubs.

9:00 AM
102310 09AM
A little work

10:30 AM
102310 10AM
Yoga practice

102310 Noon
Lunch at home

1:00 PM
102310 01PM
The hubs going over my life strategy for the next few months. He really is the best at making me feel better!

2:00 PM
102310 02 PM
Braving the masses to do some shopping.

3:00 PM
102310 03 PM
While the hubs was looking for work clothes, I was looking at shoes! Fortunately nothing was fabulous enough for me to take home.

4:00 PM
102310 04PM
Trying on some clothes at the Gap. I used my 45% off coupon to buy a pair of navy pants.

5:00 PM
102310 05PM
Working on a scrapbook for my friend's 40th birthday brunch on Sunday.

6:00 PM
102310 06PM
The hubs preparing dinner

7:00 PM
102310 07PM
Our dinner was a different version of our breakfast. So proud that we ate in all day!

8:00 PM
102310 08 PM
Some dessert while we watched Top Chef: Just Desserts. I spent the rest of the evening finishing her scrapbook.

I think we had a great day!


Ena said...

Love this post! I especially love that heart-shaped eggs of your dinner! So pretty :)


overcaffeinated said...

Your husband cooked both breakfast and dinner? I'm jealous!

And it looks super yummy too. :)

tingaling said...

Very impressive that you guys ate in the whole day! We sometimes do that, but not by design...