Tuesday, November 09, 2010


My rules for this challenge:
1) 30 items worn in 30 days
2) no shopping (although I may make an exception for Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas gifts)
3) workout clothes and underclothes, including camis and tanks, are excluded
4) unlimited use of accessories

What I wore yesterday:
4 + 24 + 30
shades: Dsquared

The main difference from this season's challenge from the one at the end of the summer is that I have much more casual clothes. The reason? I was laid off from my job and last Tuesday was my last day. This is why October was so stressful. I have come to terms with everything and am enjoying the time off; the hubs finding a job around the same time I lost mine alleviated much stress. So my current job title is "house mouse" and I think I will enjoy it for at least a few months!


Beck, At Her Best said...

Sorry to hear about your job but glad that things aren't as stressful for you. Looking forward to your 30 x 30 outfits, you always have great remixes

angie said...

so sorry that you lost your job.I hope it's an opportunity for something better.I will be following your remixes.I'm also taking part>

Rebecca said...

Sorry about your job. You look great in that outfit.

issa said...
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issa said...

such a good challenge.. i should definitely think of doing this sometime too...

btw i recently got laid off too - october was quite rough.. and just felt weird overall.. i'm getting used to things.. and trying to enjoy 'my time off'. good luck to you!!

amy kelinda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your job loss. I am glad that you are staying positive, though, and that your husband found a job at the right time! Enjoy your time off, and I'll be watching for those remixed outfits!

Megan Mae said...

Sorry to hear about the job loss. It seems to be a 'trend' lately (and a bad one at that). Enjoy the time off though. :)

That's a really cute blouse. Goodluck on the 30/30!

Closet Confections said...

Enjoy your time off, I'm sure something even better awaits you. In the mean time, happy remixing!


Matt said...

Sorry to hear about getting laid off! We've had some "swaps" around here like that too, and its no fun to deal with! Your outfit is super cute though! I love the print on that top! :)