Tuesday, December 21, 2010


all items remix'd
top: Uniqlo
shorts: Loft
sandals: J. Crew

I was sweating in my jeans today. Luckily I didn't pack all my shorts away with the rest of my spring/summer clothes. What the...?

2010 12 21 attitude
However, the holidays are not about the temperature but about the attitude. So I am trying to stay in the spirit.


Megan Mae said...

Shorts!?! I'm moving to Texas stat! Love the antlers. Too adorable.

Lady Cardigan said...

Cute outfit! Happy holidays, and I hope it cools off enough to be Christmas-y without being too cold.

Rebecca said...

I love that top. I'm jealous of your warm weather, since we have so much snow.

Linda W said...

I love that you are still in the spirit.
Where are you that you are near a Uniqlo? I wish Portland had one!

The Auspicious Life

Cosmic said...

OO love love the ruffle tee and styled beautifully too!

Matt said...

I'm sitting here in a wool coat, with a sweater and I'm freezing. Your outfit is super cute though!! :) I love the contrast provided by the antlers!! :)