Friday, December 17, 2010

It's all about the angle

Sometimes a straight on shot can be less than flattering: a loose, shapeless top can make a belly look bigger; muscular thighs can look more like thunder thighs!

all items remix'd
top: Gap
sweater: H&M
pants: J. Crew
booties: Old Navy
earrings: Bitten by SJP

Do a little turn and voila! Looking a bit more shapely is much more flattering. {I'm not sure why these pants are so baggy - they fit when I first put them on but get looser during the day.}

2010 12 17 glow
I would light many more candles if the hubs didn't think they were such a fire hazard!


amy kelinda said...

Haha, I'm still struggling to find a good angle myself! It's so weird how just turning ever-so-slightly can make an outfit look completely different, though!

Megan Mae said...

What a difference a little turn can make. I try a few different 'sides' when taking photos. Love the boots. Doncha hate the kind of pants that stretch out when you wear them?

I love candles too. Hubs freaks out if I light more than one.

Ena said...

I love this outfit! The colors are so pretty and the boots are fantastic!!


Matt said...

Super cute!! I like both shots, but I definitely try to help my pictures out with posing as much as I can! Oh, and I love the colors! :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I'm late to the game bc I JUST noticed your new header - it is fantastic and pink, YOUR color!

I'm still trying to figure out this posing thing. One of these days I'm going to have to get a better camera with a remote so I don't have to keep running back and forth with the timer!

Lady Cardigan said...

Ha, what a perfect demonstration of the difference camera angles can make! I like to stand sideways in my photos now because I look so much better that way.

I like your Gap top - very nice.

Anonymous said...

what a difference it make, the outfit looks so comfy.....