Thursday, December 09, 2010

Second time around

Whew! As I previously mentioned, the crazy weather made picking good items a bit more difficult this time around.

Some stats for the challenge:
Item worn the most: my tall gray boots (by a landslide - worn with 1/3 of my outfits!). Clothes-wise, my skinny jeans and striped shirt were each worn 6 times.

Items worn the least: gray ruffle tee and pink capris only worn once.

Favorite look: #6, comfy yet stylish and colorful

Least favorite look: #19, should have added some more color or something.

What I learned this time around:Long sleeved shirts are better for layering than ruffled tops. Stripes are good. I wear pink pants less than I thnk. I wear dresses and skirts less than I would like too.

What next:I am really excited to wear something fun for my holiday party tonight. I will have the hubs take a photo :)

I did cheat and buy something almost 3 weeks ago as well as today. But otherwise I think I should be good to go until after-Christmas sales!


monster cakes said...

This is seriously amazing to me. I cannot believe how different all yours outfits look! I would love to try this challenge if it ever happens again. Have fun at your party!

Rebecca said...

6 was a great look. Ails like 16 a lot.

amy kelinda said...

I love these kinds of recaps! It is so cool to see all of your outfits from the remix challenge all gathered together. And #19 still looks cute! I love that top! And I LOL-ed at your line "I wear pink pants less often than I think" haha!

Linda W said...

Congrats on finishing your second remix challenge!
The Auspicious Life

Matt said...

I love your recap! Those boots are really fabulous, so I can see why they were an MVP! Very cool to hear your thoughts too! I think 4 and 29 were some of my favorites, but they're all really fabulous! :)