Monday, December 13, 2010

Week in photos

A week full of holiday love.

2010 12 06 photo
We finally received our cards in the mail. I love finding the perfect photo to go into them.

2010 12 07 photo
I cooked a healthy stew for dinner. I love that its color is green and red!

2010 12 08 photo
Because everyone needs a bit of cuteness in their life. I love this face.

2010 12 09 photo
Me, the host of our holiday party and P. I love holiday photos.

2010 12 10 photo
I love the early morning sun.

2010 12 11 photo
We celebrated Christmas with my family a bit early this year since both my sis and I will be spending the actual holiday with our in-laws. I love my family.

2010 12 12 photo
Some more cuteness. I love my hubs and our friends.


Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing these pics! I liked seeing a little more into your life :D

Matt said...

Wonderful pictures!! I just love how you document memories like this on your blog! I'm sure you'll back on it sometime and it will be so cool! :)