Monday, December 20, 2010

Week in photos

A bit of everyday life:
2010 12 13 photo
Our neighbors decorate their fence with wreaths every year. I love it - so festive!

2010 12 14 photo
I met the hubs for lunch and we took a selfie.

2010 12 15 photo
The hubs made breakfast for us.

2010 12 16 photo
Baby J wondering why his auntie always has this black contraption in front of her.

2010 12 17 photo
Our annual girls' Christmas dinner and ornament exchange.

2010 12 18 photo
We went to this hole in the wall Chinese restaurant with our friends little J and Brookers for some duck!

2010 12 19 photo
The tree in our front yard has an endless supply of leaves. We raked then yesterday, only to be covered in more today.


ROUGE MER said...

Nice pictures. Merry Christmas~~!

Ena said...

Love this post! Every single picture is so beautiful and festive!


Matt said...

Such wonderful pictures!! That fence is so neat! And those heart shaped eggs rock! Sounds like an awesome week! :)

Thekla said...

hope you had a wonderful xmas time:)

check my blog out if you have time:) hope you like it xx