Tuesday, January 11, 2011


all items remix'd
top, cardi, jeans, scarf: Gap
booties: Old Navy
earrings: gift'd

I bought all these Gap basics over the last few years. I am not sure why Gap hasn't been inspiring me lately.

This week is going to be our week of winter this year. Highs in 40s, lows in 20s-30s. Makes me want to hibernate! Unfortunately, that's not an option. So I guess I need to get out some more warm sweaters!


LyddieGal said...

I'm still finding things at the gap, but for me it's usually about how good the sales are.
I was very much debating over that sequined bomer, reduced to $100 and with an extra 35% off.

Well, enjoy your week of winter, and keeping things bright seems like a good way to get through it.

Rebecca said...

I usually have pretty good luck at The Gap, but I've been into neutral basics lately.

overcaffeinated said...

LOL I feel the total opposite about Gap. Lately, I feel like half my wardrobe has come from there. (Their epic 40% sales might have something to do with that though. Hmmm).

You look so cute and cozy. Although if you feel like more than a week, I'll trade you my Canadian winter for yours! ;)

Melissa said...

That bright pink is a perfect winter sweater, especially withy the scarf. You look so cute and cozy!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Kudos for wearing pink! I dont think I could pull it off! :D


Megan Mae said...

Brrr, we have inches of snow on the ground. So much for that "mild" winter. Love the scarf! And the pink really brightens up the outfit.

I need to browse your outfits for inspiration to style my 'new' pink trousers.

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Between Laundry Days said...

Ah, you look so cozy! I wanna be wearing this today! :)