Monday, January 24, 2011

Week in photos

Last week I was less inspired for my daily out of a suitcase will do that to a girl.

2011 01 17 photo
Last Monday was the last time I hung out with the peanut and my sis. I miss them!

2011 01 18 photo
On Tuesday I went to dinner with my dear friend V, who moved to Austin last year. We split the Red Velvet cake for dessert :)

2011 01 19 photo
On Wednesday I practiced yoga with an instructor I met through my instructors in H-town.

2011 01 20 photo
On Thursday I had dinner with V, A and J. You can't tell from this photo, but poor J had just threw out his back and he was in a lot of pain all through the meal. Getting old sucks.

2011 01 21 photo
On Friday I came home to the hubs and these lovely tulips, my favorite flower!

2011 01 22 photo
On Saturday we enjoyed a French Wine dinner at Club Rue with our friends. I love how they humor me with goofy pics.

2011 01 23 photo
On Sunday I forgot to take a pic during the day so resorted to a random selfie of me at the hotel :)


Cosmic said...

Fab pics(thanks for sharing:)!

curls-and-pearls said...

Tulips are my favorite too!!!! Great pictures!

amy kelinda said...

Hahaa, I love the goofy picture! And what a sweet gift from Hubs -- tulips are my favorite, too!

Tingaling said...

We miss you too! Come on over sometime soon!

Megan Mae said...

The flowers are beautiful. I always love your picture posts. So inspirational.

Ena said...

I love the tulip photo! And it's my favorite flower too :)