Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something new

One of my goals while here in India for so long is to try something new everyday. It can be as big as going to see a temple 2 hours away or as small as eating something different at a place I've been to before.

Rachel took me to a different restaurant (or "hotel," as they are sometimes referred to here) for lunch yesterday.

2011 02 25 photo
The most expensive thing on the menu is 25 rupees! The conversion is about 45 rupees to the dollar, which means, nothing on the menu is more than 56 cents!

I tried 2 different kinds of dosas with chutney and sambar. They were delicious and both of our meals combined added up to 56 rupees. Now that's what I call a bargain :)


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Anonymous said...

Wow! That is really cheap. I guess you really don't need a kitchen when eating out is less than $1 a meal! and the market looks cool! Have fun!

hellokitty said...

Man I am drooling reading this! Dosas are my favorite :) It's a total south indian speciality and from the region where I am from so it's only natural that I have such an affinity for them. My mom makes the meanest ones with homemade sambar! Glad you are enjoying your trip!

hellokitty said...

that last comment was me, priya (toby). I am hellokitty :)