Monday, February 07, 2011

Week in photos

I had a busy, fun-filled weekend, away from the internet. Will resume regularly scheduled posts shortly.

Last week was my last full week in Houston before I embark on my next big adventure. I have been trying to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible.

2011 01 31 photo
JJ loves to be read to. Sometimes he will ask you to read a book 4-5 times!

2011 02 01 photo
I love his cute little outfit, with his new Crocs.

2011 02 02 photo
I love starting the morning off with a hot cup of coffee.

2011 02 03 photo
JJ loves his grandma!

2011 02 04 photo
The great freeze of 2011. My car was completely iced over and it took about 20 minutes to de-thaw.

2011 02 05 photo
My sister's mommy friends threw her a surprise baby shower for Brady Gaga on Saturday. They are a sweet bunch of ladies and I'm glad she has them in her life. I'm also glad Mom was here to take part in the festivities.

2011 02 06 photo
My friends threw me a going-away brunch yesterday. So no, we didn't watch the Superbowl, although we did see Christina sing, the halftime show and Glee afterwards.


Rebecca said...

It looks like you had a fun week!

Melissa said...

These are such great pictures! What sweet friends you and your sister both have, two surprise parties!

DarahE said...

Still recovering from yesterday! Have a safe trip. Can't wait to read about your India adventures on the blog.

Tingaling said...

Yay - fun times. We will miss you a lot. Just be sure to be safe, above all else!

Roger said...

Incredible experience for you! I look forward to keeping up via blog through your journey and experiences! XO

Fashion Momma said...

I swear that JJ should be the poster child for adorababies. SO CUTE. I'm so excited for your new adventure. You're going to truly live through some seriously amazing experiences!