Monday, February 14, 2011

Week in photos

I thought it would be nice to recap my transition from the US to India. Because I am sure I will posting so many more photos, this will probably be my last "week in photos" until I return.

2011 02 07 photo
I spent every morning before yoga with the peanut and my sister. He's going through a shy phase, maybe because his molars are coming in and he's not feeling quite himself. Hopefully he won't completely forget me over the next 7 weeks. Tingaling, let's Skype!

2011 02 08 photo
On Tuesday I chopped off my hair. This has definitely made the bucket shower (more later) much easier!

2011 02 09 photo
Saying goodbye to my babes was the most difficult part of the trip. Luckily he will be here in about a month!

2010 02 10 photo
The time during my travel was a bit fuzzy. I took Luftansa from IAH to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Bangalore. This photo is from the 2nd leg.

2011 02 11 photo
I am so accustomed to using my Amex to pay for things in the States that I almost never carry cash ("I have no money!"). Here in India everything is done in rupees. These are the shala fees, probably the most expensive part of the trip.

2011 02 12 photo
The fields along the way to the shala from Rachel's house.

2011 02 13 photo
Rickshaws! These are the most common methods of transportation for long-ish distances for people without a car or scooter.


Ena said...

Looks like an amazing trip! looking forward to seeing more photos from India :)


Cosmic said...

Lovely photos of you, the hubs and your adorable nephew!

curls-and-pearls said...

Wow, looking forward to more amazing photos of your trip - have an absolute blast!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing pictures!

Tingaling said...

Yes, let's Skype. Maybe Wed (or after) - as we don't have too much going on the latter part of the week. Don't worry, JJ won't forget you - he looks at the pic of you and him all the time!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I can't wait to see more pics! My BF has been to Bangalore before but he had an experience he'll never forget (unfortunately not in a good way) - I want to see how foreign-ly fantastic India is!

Melissa said...

You look beautiful! These are great pictures, I can't wait to see more from your trip. Those rickshaws look scary though - but then again, I'm a huge chicken. :)

Megan Mae said...

Wow looking awesome so far. Hope you're enjoying it~

angie said...

South India is a great place ,thanks for reminding!

amy kelinda said...

I still can't believe you're in India!! I hope you're having a blast!

Anonymous said...

short hair will be much better and pracitcal in there.....