Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Better to share

As far as Mysore goes, I am the old expert compared to Joe. I have loved being able to share how life is on the other side of the planet with my cuter half! He is slowly getting over the jet lag, although he did wake up this morning around 2 AM and is fast asleep right now at 6 PM :)

Today we (in no particular order):

Walked around the lake.

Ate a dosa for 24 rupees.

Got a nice whiff of burning trash.

Almost forgot we were in India with some AC and ice cream at Pascucci's.

Surfed the internet.

Enjoyed carrot-beetroot juice and coffee at Vivian's for breakfast.

Rode in a rickshaw here, there and everywhere.

Stuffed ourselves silly at Three Sisters with Lynn, Ellie, Tania, Stanley, China and Marika.

2011 03 23 photo
Walked home from the shala together (my second favorite part!).

Woke up early to practice yoga together (my favorite part!).


Ellie said...

So cute, you two. And such beautiful pictures!

Between Laundry Days said...

So glad you two are enjoying your time!!

Megan Mae said...

You two look so happy. I think it's awesome that you're getting to spend part of your India experience with Joe.

LyddieGal said...

Awww, you two are so cute! It must be so much fun to finally have your husband with you.

Chic on the Cheap

Cosmic said...

love the cosy couple shots of you both, soo cute and you look soo pretty!