Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something for the house

As we were running a few errands with Rachel yesterday afternoon, Raju, her rickshaw driver, told her about an open air market that was going on.

I am so glad we went because amidst the rugs and brass figurines, we found a stall with this artist selling the most unusual art I have seen since coming here.

2011 03 27 photo
They were all hand drawn on hand made paper with very intricate designs.

Rachel bought a few pieces and I bought one piece. At first I was going to buy some small pieces, but the larger ones were much more special, so I am looking forward to finding a place for it in our house.

Tomorrow is going to be my last day of practice at the shala. I cannot express how sad this makes me. I am glad, however, that the shala is closing for the month of April, because I would want to stay if it weren't!


Cosmic said...

beautifully-created keepsake of your awesome Indian trip!

Melissa said...

Well which one did you get?! I want to see it!

I'm sad that you have to leave also. I know how much you've enjoyed it. But I also know how glad Joe will be to have you home and you'll be glad to be there with him! :)

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