Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Welcome March!

I can't thing of a better way to spend this month than in Mysore, India. What could be better than...

2011 02 28 photo
...eating new and delicious foods like paneer tikka (a cheese shishkabob)

...meeting new friends (Jill and Cheryl)

...saying goodbye to new friends (Beth)

...watching new friends enjoy dessert (Simon)

...strolling to practice in the morning

2011 03 01 photo
...having a great practice and snapping a photo with the teacher (Sharath)

...enjoying a leisurely breakfast with good good peeps (Rach and Erik!)

...and still look cute while your at it?
{top: Old Navy, pants: Anthro, sandals: Life Stride, sunnies: Dsquared)

us before 2006 Lake placid ironman
I can't wait until he arrives!


Cosmic said...

that's a life!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

This is awesome that you've been able to meet such great people on your adventure!

When does the hubby arrive? Two more weeks?

dotty said...

i heart shishkabobs and cheese, so that sounds delicious!

and you definitely still look cute!

Anonymous said...

it's great you met so many people and enjoying the life, yoga and food there......

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you're loving your trip.

Melissa said...

Okay that cheese thing look AMAZING!!!

What fun pictures and memories for you!

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe it is March already! In 16 days Brady Gaga will be here (hopefully) or at least in 22 days, s/he will most certainly be here!