Sunday, May 01, 2011

Do you Calypso?

I was close to the first person at Target today. The line is actually quite scrumptious in person.

This blue tunic dress was cute, but the small was a bit tight around my shoulders. It had pockets too!

This was the dress I was looking for. Love.

Cute tunic, but again, I must have giant shoulders because it was a bit snug across.

Ok, so this was actually part of the Go! International dress line (Jovovich-Hawk), but it was on sale, so I brought it in with me. Fun dress. Me likely.

So guess what I brought home with me?


Megan Mae said...

I hope you took home that maxi because it looks amazing on you! I like the polkadot dress too, but it needs a good belt or something.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The maxi dress is fantastic on you! I only got one thing from the line but I was happy with the overall quality for Target prices - I got a pink silk tunic with crochet around the collar.

laura said...

That maxi is gorgeous!!! It totally suits you! and I'm glad you got the polka dots because they are super duper cute!

Anonymous said...

I like the polka dotted dress - I didn't try it on as I thought it might make me look fat (but I think my Buddha belly is what makes me look fat ;-). I like the tunic you tried on! I need to go so I can try on the A-line dress...