Friday, June 03, 2011

Happy birthday to you!

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I am celebrating another year with my baby sister.

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Even though we are 5 years apart, we have always been close.

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There's just something special about knowing someone your entire life.

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Sharing so many experiences together has brought us even closer.

2010 09 03 photo
Now that she's a mommy (and a most excellent one at that!) we take more photos of the kiddos than of each other or with each other. I need to rectify that this year!

I am so lucky that my sis is also my best friend and doubly lucky that she and her family live 5 minutes away! Happy birthday Tingaling!

Tingaling! I guess if 40 is the new 20, than 35 must be the new 15 ;)!

{I have been having trouble commenting on other blogs - for some reason blogger doesn't see that I am signed in once I leave my dashboard. Hopefully the situation has been fixed!}


Anonymous said...

Yay for sisters, hrump for birthdays ;-)

Love ya!

Rebecca said...

You two are super cute!

Megan Mae said...

Happy Birthday for your sis!

As for the blogger thing, it seems to be an occurring problem for some people, but from my experience it cleared up.

Anonymous said...

I love those old pictures, time just flys away....both of you are beautiful and young, happy bithday to tingaling......