Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week in photos

I have been happy to not travel for work this week and just enjoy life at home. Hopefully my work travels will be over here at the end of June.

2011 06 20 photo
When we make food at home, we try to be as healthy as we can. Hence the many salads. This is all in preparation for our 2nd trip to South Beach this upcoming weekend!

2011 06 21 photo
The buddha is three months already. I love love love his expression in this photo. And the fact that he has no neck :)

2011 06 22 photo
We love celebrating birthdays...although I would kill the hubs if he actually put this many candles on my cake!

2011 06 23 photo
Just us hanging out.

2011 06 24 photo
After yoga on Friday we had a date night at our favorite India restaurant Udipi. That is one big dosai!

2011 06 25 photo
Pride weekend! Now what girl would not want to be surrounded by all these cuties? I am so happy the New York has legalized marriage for everyone.

2011 06 26 photo
Sometimes we like to pretend we live in a "real" city and walk places. After eating an early dinner, the hubs and I walked to get fro-yo for dessert.

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Anonymous said...

little fisher is getting bigger....