Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Week in photos

I still have vacation brain so posts may be a little scattered this week.

2011 06 27 photo
My sis certainly has her hands full. I am bit sad because JJ is now very aware of who is Mama and who is Auntie. Auntie is definitely not Mama. Luckily little Buddha makes no such distinction! They are away at her in-laws for a couple weeks so I am missing my baby fix.

2011 06 28 photo
A view of Lake Austin from Mount Bonnell.

2011 06 29 photo
The hubs in front of our favorite local eatery.

2011 06 30 photo
A fisheye view of our living room. I rented this lens for the weekend.

2011 07 01 photo
The official start of our South Beach weekend. We really have the best friends ever.

2011 07 02 photo
Us on top of the rooftop bar at our hotel.

2011 07 03 photo
The birthday boy at Nikki Beach. Seriously the best Funday Sunday ever!

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Laura (GeoInCalifornia) said...

OK! I seriously want one of those fish eye view lenses. Awesome what it can do with stripes. Hubs is cute! Baby is the cutest of all!