Monday, July 25, 2011

Week in photos

2011 07 18 photo
Being a veggie sometimes makes you more creative in your meal choices. We made a tofu scramble for dinner, recipe made up as we go along.

2011 07 19 photo
Baby blue eyes is so sweet.

2011 07 20 photo
Our newest discovery at Newark airport: Crumbs Cupcakes, our favorite cupcake place in the world.

2011 07 21 photo
Taking a walk at Joe's parents place. I love the lush green forest.

2011 07 22 photo
The goofy K family :)

2011 07 23 photo
Our neice L getting attacked by her lobster

2011 07 24 photo
All of us after the game on Sunday. We look pretty good for melting in the heat most of the afternoon. And the Sox won - woo hoo!

{Sorry the photos are so large - chose the wrong size on Flickr and am too lazy to change it but will for the next post!}


Mochachocolata Rita said...

the tofu scramble looks fantastic, i almost thought the tofu pieces were feta :D

Paul said...

Lovely pictures - what a lively family you have.