Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little Missoni goes a long way

top: NY&Co, remix'd
skirt: Theory, via consignment
shoes: Missoni for Target
earrings: Collingnon Designs, remix'd
necklace: Tiffany's, gift'd

For all my talk (obsessing?!?) over the Missoni for Target line, I thought wearing something would be better sooner than later. I actually bought these online and they are surprisingly comfortable for 3+ inch heels. The fact that they are not stilettos probably helps.

I am actually the type of person who waits a few weeks before I wear something I buy. I am not sure why. I am guilty of still having a few things in my closet that I bought this summer and have yet to wear. Reason #325 not to do any more shopping.

This skirt is the second item I bought during my recent trip to the consignment shop. I have been wanting a pleated midi skirt and this fits the bill perfectly. It is a bit big in the waist and fits a bit lower than I would like, but nothing that a skinny belt can't fix (so now I need a good skinny belt!). And something about full skirts and feeling pretty just makes me want to twirl.


Mochachocolata Rita said...

indeed! i am so heart broken i can't get missoni for target here

Style Journey said...

Such a great outfit! The midi skirt paired with the bright green top is perfect!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

I love this outfit, I love the spinning you're doing in that skirt, that's something I would do too :P Glad the shoes are comfy too that's always a bonus!

Sal said...

They look fab! And I'm generally the same way - I like to wait for just the right moment to wear a new purchase.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! The new shoes look fantastic!

Ena said...

Oh, those shoes are so beautiful! I'm jealous! And that skirt looks perfect on you.


Beck, At Her Best said...

Your skirt is a great find! It looks fantastic on you and goes well with that green top.

Megan Mae said...

Oooh this outfit is sooo cute! I love the skirt, the shade of the top, and actually really love the pumps too. I wasn't so hot on the missoni stuff, but those pumps are magnificent. I love the thick tall heel.

Between Laundry Days said...

I LOVE this outfit. Seriously love it. You look gorgeous, and those heels are fabulous!