Sunday, September 04, 2011

Week in photos

Observations for the week:
2011 08 29 photo
"Po-po" (grandma in Chinese) loves her baby buddha. Can those eyes be any bigger?

2011 08 30 photo
Baby J is still the cutest 22 months old around. And why is it easier for babies to say "no" instead of "yes?"

2011 08 31 photo
The days are definitely getting shorter which makes for nice sunset bokeh.

2011 09 01 photo
We have a fun group of friends.

2011 09 02 photo
During our led class on Friday, Yannis played Sharath doing the count. I miss India.

2011 09 03 photo
The large tree in our yard thinks fall is coming even though it still feels like summer. (We did get some much needed rain last night and tonight though - woo hoo!)

2011 09 04 photo
I still need to perfect action shots of the hubs on his bike.


Tabitha said...

that first pic is so adorable!

LyddieGal said...

Your action shot is pretty awesome, i think!

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