Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Houston Fashion Week

2011 10 us 01
Last night the hubs and I went to the first show of Houston Fashion week with a couple friends. This was the same event we attended last year. The collections we saw this year were much less inspiring and for some reasons I just couldn't get any good pictures so I gave up.

all items remix'd
dress: Banana
shoes: Tory Burch
necklace, bangles: various, gift'd
belt: H&M

I did wear what I think are some fabulous shoes.


Sal said...

Right you are. In fact, the whole outfit is pretty fabulous!

Style Journey said...

Wow! You look great from head to toe! Those shoes are smokin hot :)

Beck, At Her Best said...

Those are fabulous shoes. Your dress is fantastic too!

Megan Mae said...

Hope you still had a great time! You looked fabulous, and you always do. I love that graphic print dress.

Rebecca said...

The dress and shoes are both fantastic!

skippysays said...

Love the shoes! And the colors in that dress are great on you!

Angel Garcia said...

So obsessing over that dress! I love when other cities participate in Fashion Week. People always forget there are a lot of amazing designers outside NYC, London, Milan and Paris!

WERK! ~Angel

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Your dress is super cute.