Monday, October 10, 2011

Week in photos

Observations for the week:
2011 10 03 photo
Buying a pumpkin always signifies the beginning of fall for me. I like our matching set.

2011 10 04 photo
Baby J hasn't gotten as much picture love since Baby Buddha has come along. This is because he barely sits still enough for me to get a clear photo more than anything else.

2011 10 05 photo
The hubs and I ate dinner out the night before he left. Hurry home sweets, I am still missing you!

2011 10 06 photo
The weekend was full of babies. My sis and her husband went to San Antonio for a quick getaway and enlisted my mom, myself and my dad to help watch the kiddos while they were gone.

2011 10 07 photo
This little boy (almost!) is really the sweetest almost 2-year-old around.

2011 10 08 photo
On Saturday we took the babies on a walk to visit a nearby pumpkin patch. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would of like because it started to rain. We were so happy for the rain that getting soaked wasn't a big deal; luckily the stoller kept the babies dry.

2011 10 09 photo
Does he not have the sweetest face or what? I know I may be biased, but I have a feeling both he and his brother are going to be heartbreakers when they grow up.

I gotta give kudos to all you mothers out there. Taking care of babies is much more difficult on a 24-7 basis. I think my mom and I were more happy to see their parents than they were!


Style Journey said...

Great photos! The kiddos are just the sweetest little guys :) Kids are definitely a lot of work, but so worth it. Love your pumpkins against the blue house.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to going to the pumpkin farm all year! It's so much fun to enjoy the changing leaves, sip apple cider, and get pumpkins, of course. I like your big and little pumpkins picture.

So many babies! They're all too cute. :)

Kelly said...

Pumpkin season is my favorite! I just got my pumpkin over the weekend. It's a small one, but just enough to get me in the mindset for fall!!!

Megan Mae said...

Awww your posts of your family always makes me smile. You all look so happy!

Rebecca said...

Mini pumpkins are the cutest. I just bought some on Saturday,

LyddieGal said...

Those are some adorable kiddos!
Glad you got some rain you wanted, I'm pretty happy to have had a nice warm, practically summer-like weekend.

Love the orange against the turquoise!

Chic on the Cheap

E said...

This post is full of cuteness ;-)

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

These are such great photos, Eek! Sounds like your nephews were just bunches of fun! Such cuties - they will certainly be heartbreakers.

And I am loving that first picture. My BF and I took a similar type picture last year with our Christmas trees, right after buying them from the tree lot. He bought an 8 ft+ tree for his large living room. I bought a scrawny 3.5 ft tall Charlie Brown tree for my studio apartment. Unfortunately, we only got a pic with the camera phone -- it was comical, to say the least.

tingaling said...

Hehehe - it is a tough job! and you guys were 3 on 2 - imagine when it is just me and the boys - chaos!!!