Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The case of the incredibly shrinking calves

shirt: J. Crew
skirt: Old Navy, remix'd
boots: Nordstrom Rack
earrings: gift'd&remix'd
necklace: F21, remix'd
cuff: Tiffany's, gift'd&remix'd
belt: Gap, remix'd

I bought a new pair of boots over the weekend and am actually wearing them immediately. I usually hoard my clothes, like the shirt I am wearing that was bought in July and haven't worn until now. The cognac color is a great addition to my boot collection, which I have been slowly adding to over the past few years.

There was a time a few years ago that I would have to try on a zillion pairs before any fit, which is how I bought my first pair of tall boots. These days almost every pair of tall boots I try on actually fit over my self-proclaimed giant calves. The hubs theorizes that my calves may have shrunk since I stopped running and started practicing yoga exclusively. I was never really that fast a runner, but I'll buy that theory.

Happy early Thanksgiving! This one will be our first one as vegetarians; we decided to forgo cooking and eat out this year. I am just looking forward the day off.


Anonymous said...

I wish my calves would shrink LOL! I have the hardest time buying boots because none will fit over my calves.

I hoard clothes too. I tell hubby all the time I don't know why I save them for special occassions because I never have special occassions to go to :)

Hope you & your has a GREAT Thanksgiving. Many blessings to you.

Jenn said...

I love the simplicity of this outfit! The gingham shirt and boots are super cute. I think once you find a good pair of boots, it'll definitely be a good investment because they're so darn versatile and you'll get tons of use out of them.

Anna said...

I wish I had your problem. My calves are so thin they look like spoons in a jar sometimes. I fake a more muscular leg with skinny jeans (always does the trick).

I really like your preppy chic outfit. The skirt and the boots look very winter appropriate (I bet they'd look great with tights too). What brand are they? I might just stop by Nordstrom Rack in the very near future.

Style Journey said...

The boots are fantastic! You will definitely get a lot of use out of them. Have a great day off and enjoy eating out!

Cara said...

When you figure out the mystery behind the shrinking calves, let me know! I always feel like I have such chicken legs and am looking for anyway to increase my calves!!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ohhh i need to shrink my calves asap! boots season a comin

Kelly said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love the color of these boots!!!

chouette22 said...

I have muscular calves as well due to lots of biking and running when I was younger. About three years ago, when I bought a pair of boots, I encountered the same problem as you: most boots were too tight. Now, however, my problem is just the opposite. Boot makers have increased the circumference (that's my theory) because of the pant-tucking trend. I have tried on at least 30 pairs this season and all of the ones I actually liked, were too wide. So frustrating! I want boots to wear with my skirts and dresses and really dislike when there are gaps at the top. What to do?

Megan Mae said...

Love the gingham blouse. It looks like you're finally getting a little cooler weather. Love the boots too. The rich color is gorgeous.

According to my wellness teacher, your theory about your calves isn't as farfetched as you might think! (We just went over strength VS flexibility training and it's some pretty intense stuff)

Rebecca said...

I have skinny calves, so it is hard to find well-fitting boots. Your new boots are very cute.

Mimi said...

i hoard clothes too, haha! i have clothes i bought over a year ago that i still have to wear. ;) i hope you had a happy thanksgiving! :D

p.s. i want my calves to shrink because i want gorgeous riding boots, haha.

<3, Mimi
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