Monday, December 26, 2011

1 in, 2 out

all items remix'd except jeans
shirt: Target
sweater&jeggings: Gap
boots: Nordstrom Rack
scarf: Missoni for Target

In 2012 for every item of clothing I buy, I am going to donate 2 similar items from my closet. Not buying any clothes at all would be near impossible for me, but my poor closet is at its capacity. I figure forcing myself to get rid of things will make me think longer and harder before actually buying. LESS stuff is definitely one of my goals for 2012. I am hoping this is one step in the right direction.


Megan Mae said...

Good luck! I always try to keep a one in one out policy if not more than that. I don't wear so much, but since I thrift I do try to always re-donate if things are in good shape. Future thrifters will thank you. (Consign if possible!)

I love your pattern mix and rich colored boots.

Annie said...

Love that pink cute!

The Other Side of Gray

LyddieGal said...

that is a good goal to have - I definitely like it, becuase you will be asking yourself 'do i love this more than TWO other things I've already got" and that seems like a pretty tough criteria to beat.

Chic on the Cheap

Keely said...

You look so cozy and comfy! Good luck with your new year's shopping resolution. I plan to buy less, but not cut myself off from shopping completely.