Sunday, July 31, 2011

week in the life | saturday

I've been really bad about filling out the daily sheets. And I have been taking less and less photos everyday! Remembering to snap one photo everyday is much easier than remembering to snap photos all day!


And my evening outfit:
all items remix'd
dress: Gap
shoes: Miss Trish for Target
sunnies: Dsquared
necklaces: Collingnon Designs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

week in the life | friday

I seem to be taking less and less pictures as the week goes on. I am a creature of habit and tend to do the same things every day so sometimes it's hard to be creative!

I was so grateful today to have the hubs with me on the drive home; even more grateful that he drove (something that I think we both prefer!). I was also grateful that work wasn't very busy so I could take some snaps at the office! I was most grateful to be able to sleep in my own bed last night (which is why I slept in until 7 this morning!).

And of course no road trip is complete without a stop to Dairy Queen for a blizzard! These were not the shoes I wore to the office but otherwise everything else is the same.
all items remix'd
top&skirt: J. Crew
shoes: B. Makowsky
sunnies: Dsquared
jewelry: gift'd
belt: Gap
bag: Gucci, gift'd

Friday, July 29, 2011

week in the life | thursday

Again, work was crazy busy and I pretty much only took photos at the beginning and end of the day. Photos of work wouldn't be that exciting anyways...
Yes, the hubs came down last night to hang out :)

Luckily I went shopping the on Wednesday because the pants I brought to wear somehow shrunk in the wash and were too wrinkly to wear to work, even after I ironed them. So the debut of a new dress:
dress: Anthro (Plenty by Tracey Reese)
shoes: Ann Klein, remix;d
sunnies: Dsquared, remix'd
earrings&cuff: gift'd&remix'd
belt: Ann Taylor, remix'd

I wish I lived near a large field! I had so much fun taking photos in the dress out in the field by the hotel. I had to take them quickly so no one would notice though.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

week in the life | wednesday

Work days are more difficult to snap interesting pics. especially when it gets busy. I like to keep my work life and personal life as separate as possible. Yesterday got pretty crazy in the afternoon so I rewarded myself with a trip to Anthro (among other stores). I bought a skirt there in May and still hadn't worn it so decided to return it and pick up a few other things. I adore the pattern on the first dress I tried on, but the fit was all off - too tight up top and too loose on bottom, which is usually exactly the opposite on most things I try on. Guess what came home with me! I promise to debut them sooner rather than later.

I was too tired to take a proper outfit photo, so this will have to do. I tried on a few things at Crew for sizing but passed (even with extra 40% off!).
All items remix'd
top: Anthro
skirt: J. Crew
shoes: Ann Klein
earrings&cuff: gift'd
belt: Ann Taylor