Wednesday, February 08, 2012

iSmile | project life edition

What is making me smile a lot these days is being creative, so I thought I would share the process of how my Project Life weekly pages comes together.

week 05 progress: gather photos
I typically gather and edit photos in Photoshop on our desktop computer throughout the week and print them out either at Walgreens or CVS (wherever I have a coupon, although Walgreens service is faster). I don't use all the photos I print but I like to have lots to choose from.

week 05 progress: placing photos
Then I decide which page protector I want to use (I bought the big set with multiple types of protectors, although I think I will probably stick to only 1-2 choices next time). I cut up the photos and find which journaling cards I want to use. Some are from the Project Life kit, others are freebies I have found here and there while surfing.

week 05 progress: rounding corners and gluing stuff down
Once I am happy with where everything is placed, I glue the photos when they need to be glued and round every corner.

week 05 progress: journaling
The best part about keeping up each week is the memories of what happened are fresh and I have lots to write about. I have also been directly adding journaling to photos in PS as well. {For the record, I am not a leftie, but this was a self taking with the iPhone and for whatever reason got flipped without me realizing it}

week 05 progress: creative mess
I don't have my own dedicated space in which to create so I make do wherever we have room. When all is said and done, my creative mess usually spreads itself out.

Week 5 finished spread
The finished product! This is week 5.

Week 5 left side
The left side.

Week 5 right side
The right side. I want to include at least 1 piece of ephemera from the week in each spread as well as make sure the hubs is included more. It would help if he would take more photos himself (are you reading this Joe?)!

This is just so much fun and I love capturing everyday slices of our life. 


Tabitha said...

What a fun project!!!! This is more my style than scrapbooking!

Beck, At Her Best said...

I love checking out your project life posts - very creative!

Megan Mae said...

The card shape protector is a really cool idea. It looks a lot easier/neater way of scrapbooking. I want to try it out sometime.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Wow, this is a fantastic project - what a great way to memorialize the bits and pieces that make up our daily lives. I wonder if there's a lazy person's version of this ... ;o)

Style Journey said...

This is one of my favorite things to see. I think it's so cool that you journal your life through pictures. Heather