Wednesday, February 29, 2012


{our Internet is down so I am posting from my phone so please excuse any wonkiness.}

We took JJ to the zoo sans his parents on Sunday. We can't decide if seeing the giraffe up close and personal or riding the camel on the carousel was our favorite part.

The boys are both so active right now they rarely stay still for pics! One problem with using the iPhone as my primary camera these days...slow shutter time.

I've been getting into American Idol this year, although I still think the judges are too nice and need to be more critical.

{This week my outfits have been putting me to sleep so we'll see if any get posted!}


Megan Mae said...

Aww how cute are your little nephews. I bet you're excited for them to be big enough to start taking places. The Zoo is so awesome.

Also I like your selfie this week.

Anonymous said...

Have'nt see DD and JJ for a long times, missing them a lot, since Ting stopped writting her blog, I would love to see more pics of them from yours...thanks...