Sunday, February 26, 2012

project life | week 7

week 7 finished spread
Valentine's week was a relatively busy one, since it also included a quick trip to Austin as well as the 12th  of the month, so I took lots of photos.

week 7 with inserts
I made 2 additional inserts to include everything.

week 7 left side
The left side of the spread was about meeting Kino, as well as Vday. I love that little card about yoga on the bottom left corner that was from Lululemon.

week 7 insert 1 frontweek 7 insert 1 back
The front and back of insert #1 which was 12 photos I took on the 12th. I cut up the instagrams to make them look like polaroids. Love how this turned out! This was also one of my 12 layouts for my 12 class.

week 7 insert 2 frontweek 7 insert 2 back
The front and back of insert #2 which were just different cards we received. I am a hoarder by nature but lately my life ephemera had just been piling up until I finally recycled or threw it away. Now I have a place to display it without having to create a whole scrapbook page. And another page for my 12 class. Love finding a place for ephemera as well as combining "assignments"!

week 7 right side
The right side of the spread. I created an enlarged photo a la KP. Instead of actually printing an enlarged photo, I cut it in half in photoshop and printed 2 4x6, which is less pricey.

Between Project Life and the 12 class I am currently taking, I have been scrapping up a storm! I am returning to this hobby with a vengeance, but I can feel myself losing steam if I am not careful. I can feel more combining of 12 and PL over the next few months.


Style Journey said...

Love how you did the last photo with you and your nephew. It looks really cool!

LyddieGal said...

what sweet valentines.
"all you need is love and chocolate" is the best!
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