Tuesday, March 06, 2012

bobble head

dress: J.Crew / cardi: Loft / shoes: Charles David / earrings: JewelMint / cuff: gift'd

My outfit photos taken by the hubs always crack me up because I look like a bobble head - big ole noggin and little tiny legs. Is this how all tall people view people who come below their neck?


Megan Mae said...

Camera lenses can create some really odd effects I think. I know one of my "outtake" photos I did blog made it look like my whole hand disappeared.

Also I love the pink and green with leopard print shoes! Two super awesome things. That green dress looks really comfy, and like it's a great piece for remixing.

dotty said...

ha! i have the same problem being seven inches shorter than my photographer! he has to hold the camera below eye level to accommodate my shortness!

p.s. the green looks fantastic with your signature pink hue!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

sc does that a lot too! lols

my mini bag said...

LoL. I love the way you write. YOu do not look like a bobble head. I love your dress.


Rebecca said...

My husband isn't much taller than me, so we don't have this problem. He doesn't take my pictures very often though.

LyddieGal said...

haha, must be! I always try to get tall people to crouch down before taking my photo!
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