Sunday, March 11, 2012

project life | week 9

Keeping up with this project has been relatively easy so far. The rest of the month looks to be pretty busy so I hope I don't fall too far behind!

week 9 full spread
The full spread from last week.

week 9 with insert
The full spread with an insert, which was a full page protector that I cut in half.

week 9 left side
Left side. In an effort to cut down of physical scrapbooking stuff I acquire, I have been addicted to digital elements I can store on our computer. Lots of free images are available all over the internet, but I have also been purchasing Cathy Z and Ali Edwards elements from designer digitals. The best part about digital stuff is that they will never run out and you can customize them how you want. The worst part is organizing and remembering what you have!

week 9 insert front
Front side of the insert. Joe and I took JJ on our first no-parents outing to the zoo! The three of us had a great time seeing all the animals and riding the carousel.

week 9 insert back
Back side of the insert. I actually brought my dSLR on our trip so got some decent photos.

week 9 right side
Ride side. Funny thing - every week I think nothing really happens, but every week I find little stories to document. I know this is getting repetitive, but I absolutely love this type of story telling.

What little stories do you want to remember from last week?

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LyddieGal said...

looking good! I love those photos with the giraffe.

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