Wednesday, April 04, 2012


The sight and smell of jasmine in the spring always makes me happy.

H-town will never be beautiful but it can be somewhat scenic.

Our niece is in middle school now. She is a sweet girl; I wish she would come out of her shell a bit more.

Wine and gelato. Enough said.

We've been trying to eat more greens and less carbs this week.

My cutie patootie.

Sharing a moment with JJ. He is so sweet these days, I can hardly stand it! So glad his "no!" phase ended as quickly as it came.

What little things made you smile this week?


LyddieGal said...

your family is so sweet, and the cityscape view is quite lovely

Megan Mae said...

I don't even specially know what half the foods you post are sometimes, but I always think "I want a plate of that!"

Things that have made me smile: Timbuk2 (backpack company) tweeting me back, Pedshoes packaging my new shoes with ribbons, purple tissue paper and metallic purple paperclips on the receipt!

Baby kittens all fresh and new. New concrete on the driveway. The warm weather, the upcoming rain. Sleeping in, dreaming about buying a house (just dreams!).

Lots to smile about lately.