Thursday, April 12, 2012

new sunnies

dress: Banana / shoes: B. Makowsky / sunnies: Gucci / bag: LV / jewelry: gift'd

I pretty much wear clothes and shoes from Target to Saks and really don't care what label they are as long as they fit well and I like them. I am, however, somewhat of a sunglasses snob. Maybe because of what I do, but I feel like pricier sunglasses are worth the money. The last pair of cheapie shades I bought gave me a headache due to distortions in the lenses, so I threw them out.

My latest pair are so big and purple and fun!

I also love the signature bamboo that makes the temples.

Expect to see a lot more of them this spring and summer!


rrseooptimize said...

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Megan Mae said...

Fabulous sunnies! I wish I had better vision or at least vision that would stop changing. I paid out for a prescription pair of nice sunglasses, but now can't see out of them. I guess I put that money into good shoes. I'd happily wear thrifted duds everyday, but I gotta have good shoes.

Rebecca said...

I like the glasses. I usually buy cheap sunglasses, because I lose them too easily.