Monday, April 30, 2012

week in the life | saturday + sunday

Even though I had to work on Saturday, we packed a lot of action into the weekend.

Joe dropped me off to work in the morning.

These sandals came home with me on my lunch break shopping trip to the T.

This photo cracks me up. Yes, we met my parents at the Asian Buffet for dinner.

Seriously, this place cracks me up.

After dinner we got to check out Cowboy stadium.


On Sunday we spent some quality time with my girlfriend and her family.
My friends really make the prettiest people.

It was a bit overcast for swimming so we soaked in the hot tub instead.

Then I drove with the parents to Richardson for some Chinese shopping and food.


Joe had to work so met us for dinner.

And dessert.

Mom and dad. Love them so!

How we ended the weekend.
{Half photos taken with 35mm 2.0 lens, other half with iPhone}

Whew! I am kind of glad this photo project is over. I learned that my iPhone has made me extremely lazy for getting my big camera out and taking better photos. But I have also learned that always having my phone with me allows me to capture random moments. By Sunday most of my photos were taken with the phone. And that's ok.

I also learned that since I take a lot of everyday photos already, this kind of thing may be a bit of overkill. My favorite snaps were ones where I used the camera remote to capture what we were doing. I would like to take more of those kinds of photos coming up. 

I hope you had a good weekend!

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