Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seriously hot

2012 06 me 11
dress: J. Crew / shoes: Tory Burch / cuff: Tiffany's / necklace: AE

Summer is definitely upon us and the days seems to be getting hotter. Getting dressed, however, is a bit more difficult that it seems. I hate wearing layers because the sweat starts dripping as soon as I walk outside, but office building are kept ice cold. Luckily I do wear a white coat at work, which helps keep me warm inside, while a simple sheath keeps me cool outside.

Just in case you didn't believe me ;)


Megan Mae said...

Our temps look just about the same only they're 104, 101, 108, etc. I don't know how it's projected to be hotter here in Tennessee than Texas, but I wish we could have some of the west coast's cooler weather.

A basic shift dress and flats couldn't be more perfect for beating the heat in style!

Tabitha said...

Oh man we're seeing those temps too. Stay hydrated and stay in AC.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Need I say it rained again today here in the UK.
Lovely colour on you.

Rebecca said...

It's been in the high 90s here, so I can't imagine dealing with more heat. That green dress looks nice and cool.