Tuesday, July 03, 2012

project life | week 24

{June 10-16}
Untitledfull spread
I've been keeping my PL weeks pretty simple for the rest of June in order to get it done.

Untitledleft side
My 12 photos for the 12th of June. Can't believe I have been doing this all year so far, but having the iPhone has made photo-documenting infinitely easier.

Untitledright side
Almost halfway through the year with PL and still loving the process. Also loving that it is making me use up the stash of scrapbooking products I have been hoarding through the years. I am REALLY going to try not to buy any pretty papers, etc the rest of the year and USE up what I have.

The Mom Creative


Steph said...

this looks amazing:)i would love to see more pictures of the scrapbook!

Ali Hval said...

It's all so nice and orderly! Quite impressive. Wish I could document my days like this. :D

KA said...

this looks fab- I love it!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What a wonderful thing to create.

Megan Mae said...

Using what you have is a hard concept, but it's something I'm trying hard to do this summer. You're doing a great job! Already halfway through the year.

Natalie said...

loving the scrap book!!