Friday, August 10, 2012

on the mat | grounded

2012 07 ee yoga
In almost every yoga practice (at least that I have attended), one of the first things the teacher will say is to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground (i.e. your mat). And when your hands touch the mat, they should be firmly planted as well. This helps stabilize your body for the pose, keeps your aware of your limbs and connects you to the earth.

For me, the practice of keeping my feet and hands firmly planted on my mat not only keeps me more aware during my yoga practice, but also keeps me grounded when I am off the mat as well. A friend recently mentioned to me that I seem quite level-headed and calm and my response was yoga. Something about the practice keeps me grounded and more accepting of things that life throws my way.

Happy weekend to you. Namaste.

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Style Journey said...

I love that you take what you learn from yoga into real life. Have a great weekend :)