Tuesday, August 28, 2012

project life | week 33

{Aug 12-18}
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How are we already 33 weeks into the year?

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When I typically work Mon-Fri (as opposed to Tues-Sat), the week usually seems particularly long, but this week we had lots of things going on which made it a fun one.

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Spent lots of time with the fam this week. Mom came back from Taiwan and the boys are so happy to see her.

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I enlarged a photo I took during our dinner party on Wednesday night. Love the 8x8 size.

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More pics from the party.

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right side
I shot looking down for my 12 photos on Aug 12th.

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Again, keeping the project simple makes it easy to keep up but adding random touches satisfies my creative side.
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Megan Mae said...

Mmm the food from the party looks delicious. I'm sure you're glad to have your Mom back in town.