Tuesday, October 09, 2012

project life | week 40

{Sept 30 - Oct 6}
#projectlife week 40 full spread
full spread
40 weeks in and loving this project even more now than when I started.

#projectlife week 40 left side
left side
The quote card is printed from an online scrapbooking class I am currently taking. {Yes, I am complete geek and proud of it}

#projectlife week 40 right side
right side
I love using both digital elements in photoshop as well as my own handwriting to add a more personal touch to the pages.

The Mom Creative


Chantel said...

I love the colors of your PL! So great!

dnsvm said...

LOVE that quote card!!!

Cerise said...

Beautiful layout! I seem to be loving Project Life as I get more into it too. It's wonderful.
LOVE that quote card, totally something to keep in mind.

libbywilko said...

Really like your phase 1 closet clean up :) looks like you are beginning with the end in mind. I'm enjoying Becky's class too :)