Tuesday, October 16, 2012

project life | week 41

{Oct 7-13}
#projectlife week 41 full spread
full spread
41 weeks in and yada, yada, yada

#projectlife week 41 left side
left side
Although I haven't been taking tons of pictures, I still am doing my Photo-of-the-day project via Instagram and I still manage to find plenty to add. I also love that I can save and prints photos that the hubs sent me from Austin and include it in OUR project life (even though everything is from my point-of-view I still think of it as an album documenting our life). One highlight: a dear friend and I had a "date night" at Monica Pope's new restaurant Sparrow, and we met Miss Monica herself!
#projectlife week 41 right side
right side
One reason I didn't take that many pics this week is that I knew I would be taking lots (well, at least 12) on the 12th! This has been a fun little photo project this year - I focused on places we went for October.
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Pink Ronnie said...

"41 weeks in and yada, yada, yada" Hehe, that made me laugh! That's really cool you included photos that your hub sent from Austin. I've been thinking recently that I need to include more things from Rick's point of view somehow but haven't quite worked out how yet....
Thanks for sharing your cool spread!
Ronnie xo

libbywilko said...

We love FaceTime too... Love how you captured it with a photo... I usually just do a screenshot of it while we talk to our o/s family. Thanks for sharing your week with us... I'm looking forward to when my PRL cards come too... That orange chevron looks cool.

Cerise said...

Great layout! I've been trying to include more of my husband in mine too. LOVE the idea of cutting 12x12 cardstock to fit. Looks really great with all the instagram photos.