Tuesday, October 30, 2012

project life | weeks 42+43

{Oct 14-20}
#projectlife week 42 full spread
full spread
This year is going by insanely fast. I am happy that I didn't take the photo-a-day approach to my album and that it just contains random stories about the week.

#projectlife week 42 right side
left side
Since I now have a dedicated NYC album, I am still trying to work out what I want to include in a regular PL album and what to save for the travel album. Yes, life is hard, right?

#projectlife week 42 right side
right side
I think that photo of my sister is so funny - really captures how she is feeling these days from keeping up with 2 boys under the age of 3!

{Oct 21-27}
#projectlife week 43 full spread
full spread no inserts
Last week was very full.

#projectlife week 43 full spread insert right side
full spread inserts right side
I have been trying to keep my additional pages to this album at a minimum but with the concert and Halloween more photos had to be included!

#projectlife week 43 right side
left side
I actually took some pretty decent photos of Madge with my point-and-shoot camera. Still don't have the cahones to sneak in the dSLR; not sure how I could disguise it anyways!

#projectlife insert 1 front#projectlife week 43 insert 1 back side
insert 1, front and back
I cut down a 6x6 page protector to fit some ephemera from the concert. Love that I have place to put the stuff I collect!

#projectlife week 43 insert 2 front side#projectlife week 43 insert 2 back side
insert 2, front and back
I bought some of the smaller page protectors to fit the instagram pics.

#projectlife week 43 insert 3 front side#projectlife week 43 insert 3 back side
insert 3, front and back
And I definitely wanted to include lots of photos from our Halloween celebration.

week 43 right side
right side
I focused on some of the people that we love in our life on this side of the spread.

week 43 full spread insert left side
full spread, inserts left side
And we're all caught up...for now ;)

{My thoughts and prayers to everyone on the East Coast - stay safe and dry!}

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libbywilko said...

Love the yawning photo of your sister... That's how I feel a lot of the time with my boys too :-) Awesome photo of Madonna ! Thanks for sharing your week with us.

❁ S T E P H said...

this is absolutely amazing! i wish i have the patience and time to do this too : P


Cerise said...

I feel your sisters pain! I've got a 2 year old and 4 year old. They don't stop!
Love your layout, looks like you had so much fun. Really like how you attached the instagram photos with washi tape.

Pink Ronnie said...

Really like how sharp and snazzy your layouts are! And totally agree the photo a day approach would not work for me either - I'm so happy with just capturing some of the key moments of the week. (And can also totally undertand the dilemma of working out what to put in which album!!)
Ronnie xo
p.s. (Yup, I'm there with your sister.... that's how I'm feeling right now...)