Tuesday, April 23, 2013

project life 2013 | week 14

{Mar 31 - Apr 6}
week 14 title
title card
My weekly title cards this year feature my Instagram photos-of-the-day. It's an easy way to get lots of photos in a small space (and sometimes the quality of IGs aren't that great anyways so the small size is perfect!).

week 14a
full spread, no inserts
Can you believe Easter was almost a month ago? Time flies...

week 14b
full spread, inserts right side
Again, having a place to store the cards we receive in the mail (mainly from Joe's parents and aunt) is so great.

week 14c
left side
I dusted my Instax off and brought it to our friend's Easter brunch. Having the instant photo is always a party hit - note to self: use Instax more!

week 14d
right side
And some random moments from the week. I really love the painted blue tree art. After all the photos and inserts from our ski trip, simplicity was the theme this week.

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Cerise Wade said...

Love your layouts. Such a fun idea to bring your instax to the party. I wish my old Polaroid still worked. I love the blue trees pictures. Wish we lived closer...that would be awesome to see.