Tuesday, April 16, 2013

project life 2013 | weeks 12+13

warning: photo heavy post
{March 17-23}
week 12 title
title card
The weeks continue on, as they do. Still loving this project.

week 12b
full spread, no inserts
Hard to believe this was one month ago, already.

week 12c
full spread, inserts right side
Our Breckenridge vacation fell in these two week, so lots and lots of inserts. Oh, and a St. Paddy's Day card from Joe's parents. His mom is so good about sending cards for pretty much every holiday.

week 12dweek 12e
insert 1, front and back
This year my plan is to "introduce" our vacation pages with some type of enlarged photo(s).

week 12fweek 12g
insert 2, front and back
And I am going to add as many pictures as I want. Since Project Life is becoming my primary form of memory keeping (as well as creative outlet), I want to have at least what I think are the photos that best capture an event/moment/vacation all in one spot.

week 12hweek 12i
insert 3, front and back
Some IGs/hipstamatics from the trip, that have already been shared on the old blog.

week 12jweek 12k
insert 4, front and back
Since I am keeping the embellishing to a minimum and my pages are pretty flat, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will only have 2 albums for the year.

week 12l
left side
The photos from our trip are in rough chronological order. The one in the upper left pocket is actually a postcard one of the couples made and sent after the trip. So cool!

week 12m
full spread, inserts left side
Bringing journal cards and writing during the trip helped. I put the cards behind some photos so they can be pulled out if desired.

{Mar 23-30}
week 13 title
title card
Since my weeks run Sun-Sat, our vacation spilled into the next week as well.

week 13b
full spread
But no inserts this time around :)

week 13c
left side
Photos from the last couple days of Breck. And the only time we ate out the entire trip (not including hanging out at the ski lodge, of course). The photo in the upper right pocket is the back of the postcard.

week 13dweek 13e
right side, with photo pocket down and up
In order to add more words without giving up pictures, I added some more hidden journaling in a homemade photo pocket. I am addicted to making these!

And that's it. Whew! If you made it to the end, thanks for coming by!


libbywilko said...

What a great set of pages, it looks like an awesome holiday!

packmom said...

What a great ski vacation. Colorado snow is the best. I like those weekly title cards with the photo strip--great idea!

Candace said...

Looks like you have a great break. Love your pages. Hope you have a great week